We have mid-week, evening and weekend rambles and aim to provide a wide-ranging programme covering all the varied countryside around Reading.  Rambles vary from a gentle stroll with plenty of time to look for local features, to a full dayout covering 10 or 12 miles.  We produce three walks programmes a year in April, August and December.

We suggest that you wear suitable clothes for the country and time of year, especially appropriate footwear.  Dogs are permitted except if noted otherwise in the walk description.  Owners are responsible for the control and cleanliness  of their dogs. Safety: rambling involves risks of slipping and tripping and requires alertness on roads.  Everyone needs to take care.  We encourage the use of public transport and  car sharing when possible.

All of the walks are led by volunteers who will know  the proposed route and in most cases will have pre-walked it to ensure that there are will be no unexpected problems, such as fallen trees or flooded sections, but you should be aware that you join the walk at your own risk.  Where the number of people on a walk merits it, there will be a back-marker appointed to whom you should speak if for any reason you feel that you are having difficulty.  You should consider your level of fitness and experience over the distance and terrain before embarking on a walk, especially the longer ones.  For further information about any aspect of a particular walk please speak to the Group Contact who will be able to help you or refer you to the leader of the walk.

The mid-week walks are on the mornings of the second and last Wednesdays of the month and are limited to about 4.5 to 5 miles in length with an optional lunch to follow at a local pub if you wish.  The pace is leisurely and the walks, which often include stops for our experienced leaders to explain features of the countryside and buildings (including churches), are very popular with the active retired.

In the summer (May to August) we sometimes have short mid-week evening walks (2 to 3 miles) with some social time in a pub afterwards.

All of the daytime walks include a short break after about an hour to allow walkers to have a drink or snack.  Please make sure you bring enough drink with you to last the length of the walk particularly in hot weather.  On longer walks where the walk description says BRING PACKED LUNCH there will be a midway stop of about 20 to 30 minutes to consume this.  Please remember that even though you feel warm walking you can cool down quickly during a break; find room for extra warm clothing in your bag.